Sell/Trade Your Gun

We buy used guns!!!

Looking to trade in a gun in your personal collection? Want to swap a firearm for something else (ammo, parts, gear etc...)? We will be happy to take a look at what you would like to sell or trade. Please send us an email to and include as many pictures as possible. Please take the best pictures you can of each item. This helps gives us a better idea of what it is that you are looking to sell.

We do our best to offer a fair price based on your item and it's condition. We will ask to view the item in our store before making any final offers. Since we are an FLL holder, you may send your firearm directly to our shop using a common carrier. Please check to see that what you have meets compliance with all laws and carrier's policies. Handguns may not be shipped through the United States Postal Service. Again, please contact us and receive approval before sending anything to our shop. If we are not expecting the item, the package will be refused and no compensation will be given for postage or damages by the carrier. 


Here's what we will need:

1. Include your Name and best way to reach you (phone number, email, texting ok?)

2. Include the make and model to the best of your knowledge of what it is you would like to sell

3.What is the condition of your item? Is it in working conditon? Please be honest with your item and point out any condition flaws (ie scratches, blemishes, broken spring etc)

4. Are you looking to sell or trade? What is your asking price for the item? You must include an asking price for the item. We want to give our customers the best price possible so we have to know where to start. We aim to make our customers happy.

Once we have received and reviewed the request, we will contact you to let you know our interest. If both parties are ok with proceeding, we will ask you to send the item in for inspection. Once we have received the item, when will finalize payment be the easiest method possible that works for you (paypal, money, check etc).